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Sustainability clauses of contract

Since 2008, sustainability clauses have been systematically included in contracts and purchase orders for goods and/or services and/or works, both with private suppliers and with the Public Administration (or entities/companies controlled by them).

The clauses envisage the implementation of adopted sustainability policies: Ethical Code, Code of Conduct, and the “Social Responsibility for Occupational Health, Safety and Rights, and Environment” Policy. Execution of the contract gives Pirelli the right to carry out audits of its suppliers to assess compliance with the principles and commitments they have agreed to by signing the clauses.

The sustainability clauses have been translated into 22 foreign languages. This guarantees the maximum clarity and transparency towards the supplier in terms of his sustainability obligations under contract, which he assumes not only in his relations with Pirelli itself but also at his own facility and in relations with his suppliers.

In 2009, the consolidation of large-scale distribution and acceptance of sustainability clauses permitted structured substantial review of their application through independent audits, as described in Breakdown of Group purchasing.